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Q:   What is Adult eBusiness?
A:   Adult eBusiness is here to help you achieve financial gain in this enormously huge industry. Never before has there been a service quite like this one. We want to see you succeed and we know exactly what it takes to make money in the adult business. Our focus is on helping you create the type of financial freedom you have always dreamed of.
Q:   Can I run this business if I live outside of the United States?
A:   Yes. You can run this business anywhere you have access to a computer and the internet.
Q:   Can I upload my own content to use?
A:   Yes these websites are HTML based and as long as you know how to update HTML coding you will be able to keep the website updated. If you are not sure how to update HTML our professional are standing by to help you. Quotes are available based on amount of work needed. You are responsible for making sure that the content you use is backed by 2257 legal requirements. If you are using any of the sponsors and affiliate content that we recommend, then the content you use will be backed by the 2257 legal requirements. Currently you can not host your own video content but if you post it to a free host then you can link to it from your website.
Q:   Will anyone know that I own this adult business?
A:   Absolutely not. If you use one of our domain names that we supply to you for free, then your identity is 100% safe. We do allow our members to use their own domain name and we will not only show you how to make the name private, but if you needed us to do it for you, we could. Privacy is one of our highest priorities for members.
Q:   Is this service just for newbie's that don't know how to build websites?
A:   Absolutely not. A lot of professional web designers and marketing specialist use our service because of how easy and great it is for their business. Our lab can support your own custom content that you create or have someone else create for you. We know how important it is for people to make sure their websites are different from any other website, so we provide you with the environment you need to be as creative as you want to be.
Q:   Will my family or friends know that I own my very own adult website business?
A:   We do not disclose your personal information to anyone. They will never know unless you tell them. Confidentiality is our top priority.
Q:   How do I get paid?
A:   Pay dates depend upon which affiliates you want to use. Most of the top affiliates pay every 2 weeks
Q:   How do I start to drive traffic to my new website?
A:   There are many different ways to promote your adult websites, through search engines, emails, link exchanges, forums, buying advertising, magazines, news papers, word of mouth, viral marketing, and business cards to name a few.
Q:   Can you really make money in porn these days?
A:   You bet your ass you can. Even during one of the worse depressions we have ever scene, the adult industry continues to flourish.
Q:   Where does the content come from that will go on my website?
A:   This is the best part. You choose where the content comes from and you choose which content you use on each of your web pages you create. We provide you with a complete list of all of the top sponsors that you can join for free and make money promoting their products and services.
Q:   Can I change my domain name if I don't like it?
A:   Yes you are free to change your domain name however we recommend that you stick with the name you start with. You don't want to start marketing one name and then switching it to something else. Although if you really truly feel that you want to change your domain name then our staff will assist you in doing so for a low fee of $15.
Q:   Can I set up a merchant on my adult website to accept credit cards?
A:   Not at this time you can not. Right now your website is set up so that you can market other companies products or services. To be honest it is far better to sell other peoples content then selling your own. You are not stuck with an inferior product/service if things don't work out with one sponsor then move onto the next.
Q:   Do I need to know any HTML or Programming of any kind?
A:   No you do not need to know anything about programming or any HTML coding. Our websites are ready to go for you. We also have a staff of friendly programmers who would be more then happy to help if you have any questions.
Q:   Do I just need to sign up with you and then I will start making money immediately?
A:   I would love to tell you yes, but the truth is you will not make any money unless you invest some time and energy into driving quality traffic to your website. Like any other website online, it takes time and patience to start sending your website the quality traffic that it takes to make you rich.
Q:   So if I am marketing a sponsors content, does that mean I get a free membership?
A:   No, your login and password would not work on their main site that gets you into the webmasters section. Although as a webmaster, you get to go through a lot of free promotional material for the sponsor.
Q:   Do I need to share my profits with you guys?
A:   Absolutely not! You keep all of the money you make. In fact we will never even know how much money you are making. This is all kept 100% confidential between you and your sponsors you wish to work with.
Q:   Do I own this website?
A:   In one word... Yes!
Q:   Are there any hidden fees that I will be seeing after I join?
A:   Absolutely not! The only additional fees would be for marketing your own adult sites, if you choose to use someone else's services in helping you achieve more traffic; the rest is already included in the Adult eBusiness package for $99.
Q:   Are these websites legal to own?
A:   Yes. The sponsors and affiliate programs we recommend are 100% legal and compliant with the 2257 requirements. Although you are free to use your own source when it comes to content providers, it is your responsibility to make sure the content provider your using is compliant with the 2257 requirements. Its easy to find out if they are compliant or not, most likely they will have it displayed on their website at the bottom of the page or within the terms and conditions when you join with them.
Q:   Do I need to worry about finding a safe and secure hosting service?
A:   No. Your hosting services are included within your Adult eBusiness membership.
Q:   Do I need to set up an merchant account?
A:   No. Which ever sponsors and affiliate programs you choose to work with, they will handle of this for you and make sure you are paid correctly for your referrals and sales.
Q:   How can I view how many visitors are clicking on my sponsored links?
A:   All of your sponsored accounts will include free access to your webmaster admin section where you can view all of your stats from that program. It will show you how many visitors clicked on your link, which links are getting clicked on more often then others and which links generated you income.
Q:   Is it wise to get into the adult market now? Are there not too many websites out there?
A:   As you may be aware, there are literally thousands upon thousands of adult websites on the internet today. Everywhere you look there is an advertisement trying to push some kind of sex product or service. The reason there are so many websites out there is because the adult sex industry is by far the most lucrative business to be in. If you have the right tools, guidance, and support you need, then you too can profit from this huge money maker. You can sell sex toys, live web cam members, penis enlargement pills, Viagra, sex videos, lingerie, xxx magazines, 1-900 lines, books on different sexual positions, and so much more.
Q:   Is there any maintenance required?
A:   There is absolutely no maintenance needed from your end at all.
Q:   What do I do if my website is not working correctly?
A:   If you find that your website is not working correctly, then you just need to simply contact our technical support team from within your admin section. Our team will respond to the ticket as quickly as possible. 
Q:   I have my own domain name, can I use that one instead of one of yours?
A:   Yes you can! You will just need to update your name servers. For this one of our sales staff will work with you after you have signed up.
Q:   I am ready to get started! Where do I go?
A:   Click here to get started.
Q:   I own a website where people put their email addresses and I market different products to them. Can I market your sites through email marketing?
A:   Absolutely NO SPAMMING or EMAIL MARKETING of any kind is allowed. You will find that 99.9% of the sponsors you work with will not tolerate email marketing simply because of the amount of spam that goes out. This is just something they would rather not see you do. If you are caught then your account could be closed by the affiliate you work with.
Q:   I heard spyware marketing is very effective. What is spyware marketing and do you guys allow it?
A:   ABSOLUTELY NOT. Spyware is malignant software that is installed on a users computer without their permission and then it manipulates what the surfer sees in order to drive them to sites/products the webmaster is promoting. Spyware strategies also include devious practices to trick the surfer into buying what they want you to buy. Your account will be terminated and monies forfeited by any of your affiliates your working with.
Q:   Are there any countries that are not permitted to use your services?
A:   Webmasters from the following countries are banned from joining NastyDollars? Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Cost Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kaliningrad, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Moldova, Pakistan, Poland, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Yugoslavia.
Q:   Am I allowed to use content from any affiliate sponsor to market other affiliate sponsors services?
A:   Unfortunately you are not allowed. You may only use the promotional material that corresponds with the sponsor you are marketing. If you are using more then one content provider on a page you must link each and every piece of material that links directly to the affiliate you got the content from.
Q:   Can I sell my adult website if I wanted to?
A:   Yes. You are free to do what you want with your website. We do NOT take any commissions from you after a sale. Our staff will even assist you in switching the ownership over to the new owner for a $10 fee.




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