Special Adult Domain Name Extension – Do You Need One?

With the majority of the websites online today consisting mainly of adult content, it’s no wonder that finding an excellent adult domain name is nearly impossible. Are you trying to find a short .com domain name with only 1 or 2 keywords targeting your niche? Forget it; those names have all be registered a long time ago.

Domain Registrars saw a massive opportunity in this, so they created additional domain extensions that targeted the adult industry. What this did was that it opened up many more available domain names and helped separated the adult websites from the mainstream websites.

Now, finding a short keyword rich domain name for your adult website isn’t as hard as it once was.

What Are The Different Adult Domain Name Extensions

Trying to find a .com extension for short, targeted keywords in the adult industry is becoming harder and harder to do every day. Because of this problem, there have been four additional domain name extensions created.

Those additional extensions are:

  • .adult
  • .xxx
  • .porn
  • .sex

Adult DomainThis domain extension helps to separate adult content from the rest of the content found on the web. When you first hear the domain name followed by the .adult extension, there is rarely any doubt to what type of content you’ll find at this address.

Pricing for this extension range from $77.85 to $129.99 per year.


XXX DomainXXX is a globally recognized term for hardcore pornography. Websites that use the .xxx extension will be able to market their website and brand worldwide with greater recognition to target a broader audience.

Content that is on the .xxx extension is regularly scanned by McAfee malware so website visitors will be able to feel safe, secure knowing that they are in a trusted environment.

Pricing for this extension range from $77.85 to $129.99 per year.


Porn DomainWith the widely successful .xxx extension, the .porn extension was the next obvious choice for adult websites. Since over three-quarters of the internet consists mainly of adult-related material, the .porn domain extension will help differentiate adult websites from regular sites.

Pricing for this extension range from $77.85 to $129.99 per year.


Sex DomainSex-related searches are one of the most searched terms on the internet today with over 23 million searches per month. The .sex extension is for those who are involved in the adult e-commerce industry or is connected through education.

Pricing for this extension range from $77.85 to $129.99 per year.

Do You Need A Special Domain Name Extension?

As you can see from above, each of these domain extensions could have its benefit to using one. But honestly, you don’t need one of these special domain name extensions for your adult website.

If you were, a large business or your website had a ton of traffic than you might consider buying one of these domain name extensions to help protect and build your brand.

Another reason you might want to consider buying one of these extensions is if you can not find a suitable .com domain name that targets your audience well. And you need to have a short one or two keyword descriptive name.

.com is by far the most recognized domain name extension and most people always automatically assume a website is using the .com unless they are searching for a local business.

Where Can You Register an Adult Domain Name?

Not all domain registrars sell the special adult domain extensions. Below is a list of websites that I’ve found as of the time of this writing that do sell them, along with how much each website charges for that extension.

Source .adult Price .xxx Price .porn Price .sex Price
Name.com $92.99/yr $92.99/yr $92.99/yr $92.99/yr
Godaddy.com $129.99/yr $129.99/yr $129.99/yr $129.99/yr
101domain.com $109.99/yr $119.99/yr $109.99/yr $109.99/yr
Enomcentral.com $109.99/yr $109.99/yr $109.99/yr $109.99/yr
Register.com $123.99/yr $123.99/yr $123.99/yr $123.99/yr
Dynadot.com $77.85/yr $77.85/yr $77.85/yr $77.85/yr

Choosing The Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is essential for your business. Make sure to target the appropriate audience and niche with the name to help curve any confusion that the person reading your domain name might have.

When choosing the right domain name, there are a few key things that you should keep in mind.

#1. Pick the appropriate domain extension

Always try to find a domain name with the .com extension first and foremost. Even if it takes an hour or two to come up with that perfect .com domain name finally, it’ll be worth it.

If you necessarily have to go with another type of domain extension then so be it. If you are going to purchase a domain name with a special extension like .adult or .porn, you should also check to see what website is on the .com of the domain name you are interested in buying.

For example, if you are looking to buy the domain name Adult.xxx, then also check Adult.com to see what is on this website.

* Watch out for trademarks, copyright, and intellectual property when choosing a name.

#2. Keep it simple

Don’t use complicated words or phrases that will be hard for someone else to understand or remember again.

#3. Keep it short

I know, this is easier said than done but try to look for a domain name that is two or three keywords long. Finding a single keyword domain name is next to impossible, although it still doesn’t hurt to try.

Avoid longer tailed keyword phrased domain names that are four or more words long. Three words would be my maximum.

#4. Make it memorable

You want your domain name to be easy to read and something the visitor will remember.

#5. Use Keywords

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s important enough to say again, use keywords in the domain name. Make sure the keywords you are using is targeting the niche or audience that your website is intended to reach.

#6. Avoid using number or hyphens

Using numbers and or hyphens in your domain name could be confusing to the person who hears the name. They don’t know if you’re using a numeral (2) or if you are spelling out the two in the name. The same goes for the hyphen.

Those types of things could lead to the person misspelling your web address and never even finding the proper website.

#7. Don’t wait long

When you come across the perfect domain name that will go great for your business, don’t spend too much time thinking about it, because someone else could come along and grab that name before you do.


Although it’s entirely up to you if you would like to try finding a .com for your domain name, the option is always there to use one of these other domain name extensions. Each of them has their added benefits that could be valuable for your business, especially if you are playing the long game.

I am personally going to stick to .com domain names for my websites. I’m not sure if this is entirely true or not, but I feel that Google will not show your site in the results if you are using one of the four different domain extensions. I’ve never seen in any of my searches a result pointing to a website with .adult, .porn, .xxx, or .sex as an extension. .com sites come up — just something to think about while doing your research.