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How To Generate FREE Traffic From Adult Pinboard Sites

Are you looking for ways to generate traffic to your website? How about free traffic to your site? If your adult webmaster then you already know how important it is to get new visitors to your website. Without visitors, your website is just a ghost town in the middle of the internet.

We have all heard of Pinterest and the success stories from mainstream websites which utilize Pinterest to help drive massive amounts of free visitors to their website. Well, there are a ton of clone sites just like Pinterest but geared towards adults.

What are Adult Pinboards?

Adult PinboardsAs mentioned before, adult pin boards are just like Pinterest but for adults. An adult pinboard is a place where members can submit a photo or video to a specific area of the website, so the other users on the website who share in that category can collect and organize their favorite pins. Visitors to the website are able to vote, comment and share the different saved pins.

One of the largest adult pin boards is has millions of pins that you can browse and pin to your board. When a pin is voted on it is moved up the list. The higher your pins appear on the website, the more exposure that your pin will receive. The best-voted pins will typically show up on the homepage of the website so it’s in your best interest to pin high-quality content that is more likely to get the most votes.

The best part about most of the adult pinboard sites is that they will allow you to include a link to the website that the photo or video came from. This is great because when another member likes the content they are seeing pinned, they will often take a look at what website that came from to see what else they might like.

List of Adult Pin Board Sites

Below is a list of some of the best adult pin boards online today. Take a look at them all and decide which ones you think will work best for your niche and the content that you plan on sharing.

You’ll notice that some of these sites will end up sending you a lot of free traffic while others don’t really spend too much traffic at all. You’ll have to examine the traffic for yourself using your Google Analytics to see which sites are performing better for you and which ones you should stop using.

Adult Pinboards: – One of the largest adult pinboards out there. There is no doubt that this website should be on your list of sites to try. With over 45 million monthly site visitors, can be a great source to help drive your website traffic.

Zmut – This site is great and it’s very clear to navigate. This website gets over a quarter million visitors per month so it’s worth testing your content out on.

Smutty – The design does take a little getting used to. The website is a solid choice to help drive quality traffic to your site.

Porn Pin – One of those adult pinboards that you should at least try to see how they can help with traffic.

Pin Slut – A great Pinterest clone with some excellent qualities.

Saucy Pictures – A new pinboard site, and starting to gain traction amongst users.

Jizz – This site is getting over a million visitors per month. A lot of their traffic is coming from Germany and surrounding areas.

The Sex Me – Still a little new, so not getting the type of traffic that it should be. I can see this website gaining a lot of supporters in the near future. It’s one of the nicer pinboards to work with.

Gay Pinboards:

Million Dicks – A great source of quality gay traffic. I don’t think this website brings in a lot of traffic to its own website but I’ve seen some success sending traffic to a gay niche.

Shaftly – Another great gay pinboard to share your gay content on. I think this site does more traffic then Million Dicks from what I’ve seen.

How To Get More Votes on Your Pins?

pinboard votesA good way to get votes on your pins is by simply taking a look at what is currently getting a lot of votes and trying to reproduce the same type of content. Take a look at the specific niche categories that your website falls under to see what is getting a lot of votes and re-pins.

I’m not saying copy the same content as what you are seeing, but to recreate a similar type of content that is original. Take a look around at what is getting higher votes so you know how to prepare your own content for that niche audience.

High-quality images tend to do better, although it really comes down to the type of niche and the content in the photos or videos. I’ve seen some lower quality content do very well, but not as often as a higher quality content does.

Keep an eye on your comments, and reply to people who are trying to engage with you. The people who leave a comment are typically the same type of people who will follow more of your stuff if they like what they are seeing. This is also a golden opportunity to send those people over to your website or service.

Don’t forget to also vote, and re-pin content from other members in the same niche. Leave comments on their pins as well. This will show other users that you are part of the community and they’ll be more likely to follow you and check out your profile.


These days there are so many adult pin sites to choose from that you really do need to do your homework to figure out which ones are right for you. I still see value in using the top adult pin sites as a great way to send quality traffic to your niche site.


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