Adult Website Hosting – Finding an Adult-Friendly Host

You probably already know this but, adult websites are considered to be ‘risky’ or ‘taboo’ in the eyes of a lot of mainstream businesses and because of that, they do not want to involve themselves with the adult industry.

There are however a lot of great hosting companies who embrace the stigma attached to adult websites and welcome your business.

Knowing which hosting company that you can go with could be a little challenging if you are just getting started. It is crucial that you thoroughly read the Terms Of Service, or Terms and Conditions agreement with a hosting provider to ensure that they do allow for pornographic material on their servers.

I’ve put together some information that I have learned over the years to help you find the perfect adult friendly host for your website.

What Is An Adult Friendly Host?

An adult friendly host is a hosting company that will allow sexually explicit material on their servers. Not all hosting companies will allow you to host your adult website with them for many different reasons.

  • Most companies don’t want to have their name associated with the adult industry.
  • Adult websites are more notorious for spreading mal-ware and spy-ware to un-expecting visitors to those affected sites.
  • Adult websites could use a ton of bandwidth.

But whatever the reason is, any hosting companies that do not allow adult content on their servers will terminate your account if you are caught in violation of their terms of service.

In the early days, you would have to go with an adult hosting company who would charge double or triple what a mainstream hosting provider was charging. But today, some of those mainstream companies now allow adult content, and the prices are the same for all members.

Free Adult Friendly Hosts

There are companies out there that offer free adult web hosting, and most of them have strings attached.

If you use a free adult host, you are running the risk of the following:

  • Low security, which means you’ll have a higher chance that your website will get hacked.
  • Free hosting companies don’t typically offer any support at all. You’ll be on your own.
  • Your website could go down at any time for any amount of time, or even permanently go down.
  • You will have very little control on the server side.

If you still want to try using a free host, I found one that has been getting a lot of good reviews that might be worth checking into. Full discloser, I have not tried or used this free host listed below.

#1. Xtreem Host

xtreem hostThis host here offers a free plan which has a decent amount of web space, with a bunch of bandwidth that you can use each month. They do not provide any uptime guarantee or email addresses. They also do not offer a secure FTP, SSL, or daily backups. It’s genuinely the bare minimums as far as a hosting account will go.

Be careful if you decide to sign up with this free host because I noticed their sign up page doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Any personal information that is sent through this page could be exposed to the wrong people.

If you are interested in giving them a try, their website can be found here.

Paid Adult Friendly Hosts

Although in the beginning, it might seem tempting to go with one of the free hosting companies, do yourself a favor and start with a paid hosting plan. Especially if you plan on sticking to this for quite some time. For how much you’ll be paying in hosting, it┬átruly isn’t that bad.

Some of the benefits that you’ll get by going with a paid host are:

  • Customer support. I can’t stress how important this is.
  • Very little downtime. When the server does go down, there is a team of technicians working immediately to fix the problem and get your website back online as quickly as possible.
  • Your server will be much more secure, and you’ll be able to install an SSL for added security. Hostgator comes with a free SSL certificate when you sign up.
  • Access to a CPANEL. You’ll have more control from with a CPANEL.
  • You’ll have the ability to set up multiple email accounts.
  • You will have more storage space, and a higher monthly bandwidth limit.

Below is a list of the three adult friendly hosting companies that I have personally used and I would recommend.

#1. Hostgator

HostgatorHostgator gets a bad name for some reason, but I’ve been using Hostgator since 2005 on the majority of my adult and non-adult websites. I have always found that their customer service has been fantastic whenever I needed their help.

Their servers rarely go down. The only time I’ve had a problem with Hostgator and I almost switched hosting companies was back in 2012 when Endurance International Group bought Hostgator, and for about two weeks the servers kept going down consistently. But since then they’ve been great.

Hosting packages starting at $2.75/month

You can visit Hostgator by clicking here.

#2. TMD Hosting

TMD HostingTMD Hosting has proven to be a lovely little host for me. I have had a tube site hosted with them for about a year now. The entire time I’ve been with them, I have had zero problems, so I haven’t had a chance to see what their customer service is like yet. Before I purchased my hosting plan, I did talk to a sales agent who helped answer all of my questions I had.

I also like the fact that TMD offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Hosting packages starting at $2.95/month

I have an affiliate link you can use here.

#3. 247 Host

247 Hosting247-Host is a new host that I began to use at the end of 2017 on one of my adult niche sites. My experience has been enjoyable so far. I’ve only had to reach out to the customer service depart once because of a PHP update that I needed to run a newer version of WordPress. The customer service was accommodating and had me updated within a couple of hours.

So far I haven’t noticed any downtime at all. You can try this host, and if you are not completely satisfied, they do offer a 45 day, full money back guarantees.

Hosting packages starting at $4.99/month

If you are interested in this host, I have an affiliate link you can use to sign up here.

My Real-life Experience With Hosting Adult Content

Back around 2009 I was working with a client of mine and helping him develop a series of different niche sites, such as big boobs, MILFs, public flashing, etc. In total, he had 12 websites we were working on.

Because he wanted to start with so many niche sites at once, and he was looking for ways to save some money on this project, I had suggested that looked into using a free host. I honestly can’t think of the name of that host now, but I don’t think they are in business anymore.

Long story short, after about two months of working on the websites and building up the articles, photo galleries, backlinks, and a little bit of traffic, the host went down. Not for a few hours, they went down for nearly two weeks before we were able to get access to the backend again.

When we did get back in, most of the files were corrupt and needed fixing, there were extra files that to this day I still don’t know what they were (my suspicion is some malware or virus). Lucky, we had backups of the original articles and photo galleries on a local computer, so we were okay there.

In the end, my client decided to go with paid hosting, and after another two weeks working on setting each of the niche sites up again, we were back on track. Because I suggested he used a free host in the beginning, I ended up doing a lot of work on his project for free. I couldn’t in good conscience bill him for those extra hours.

After that, I’ve always said I would never use a free host again.