How Do Adult Tube Sites Like Pornhub Make Money?

In the early 2000s, before the “tube” site came along, adult websites consisted mainly of subscription-based sites with just a handful of teaser content that was made up of images and short 30 second clips. That was how the majority of websites would make money.

It wasn’t until Youtube became available to the mainstream user, that the porn industry released its version of Youtube catering to adults only. Back then I believe it was Youporn, xHamster, and Spankwire who were among the first main adult tube sites on the scene.

Fast forward to today, and adult tube sites make up the majority of traffic going to porn. The popularity of adult tube sites has skyrocketed. Adult tube sites draw in more visitors each month than Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter, all combined.

These days you don’t have to search too hard to find free porn tube sites online, there are so many of them to choose from. But this raises the question, how are these free tube sites making money when everything is free? The quick answer to that question is that not everything is free. It might appear that way, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll see that there is plenty of money to be made.

Let’s break it down throughout this article.

But First, What Are Adult Tube Sites?

An adult tube site is a massive online database of free porn videos that are uploaded by the members of the website. The videos that are updated consist of amateur homemade material, all the way to high budget feature films starring the biggest names in the adult industry.

Think of Youtube, but instead of funny, cute, silly animal videos, all of the videos are porn.

What Are The Ways That Adult Tube Sites Make Money?

Although it might look like adult tube sites are not making very much money because on the surface all you see is a bunch of free porn videos, the tube sites are raking in the dough from many different ways.

Premium Content

An extra way that a lot of the adult tube sites are making some extra money is by offer premium content at a low monthly rate. Usually, the premium content costs around $7.99 – $9.99 for the month. Members who opt in to pay the additional monthly fee will be able to enjoy the following premium services:

  • Videos available in HD
  • No more ads
  • Full-featured adult movies
Selling Advertise Space

Tube sites generate an insane amount of traffic every day, and because of that, they can sell advertising space on their websites to other adult related websites and businesses. Some tube sites will charge a flat rate anywhere from $250 to $5000 for a single banner spot on their website.

To determine how much the ad space is worth, a few key elements are considered, such as; How big the banner is, where on the website the banner will be placed, how much traffic the site generates each day, and how long you would like the banner ad to be displayed.

Affiliate Ads

Affiliate ads are another great way for tube sites to earn extra money. With an affiliate ad, the tube site doesn’t have to do anything other than sending traffic to another website or business through an affiliate program that is set up using a unique URL and tracking cookies that will track that visitor on the website. When the visitor buys something from the affiliated website, the tube site will earn a percentage from that sale.

The affiliate website will handy everything to do with that customer on their end. Everything from processing the payment, packaging and shipping the order, dealing with customer service or even returns. Then either once or twice a month, they’ll mail out a check to the tube website for the sales they helped generate during that pay period. It doesn’t get easier than that for the tube site.

Live Webcams

Similar to an affiliate program, tube sites will also send their traffic to larger, more well known live webcam sites, and then earn a commission from the money that traffic spends on the website.

Dating Websites

Again, tube sites will send their web traffic to online dating websites through an affiliate link. The traffic is tracked, and once that visitor deposits real money with the dating website, the tube site will receive a percentage of that sale.

Online Adult Games

Online adult games are becoming more popular every day. Every year the graphics are getting much more realistic, and the gameplay itself is addicting. It’s no wonder why tube sites have started to send their traffic to these types of websites using affiliate links.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click ads is exactly what they sound like. When a visitor on the tube site clicks on an ad than that tube site will earn anywhere from $0.01 to $1.00 depending on where that link takes the visitor. If that visitor buys something from the website they are redirected to then the tube site does not earn any additional commission. They are only paid once for merely sending the traffic over.

Adult Products

Adult sex products and lingerie are another way that a tube site could be earning extra revenue. They wouldn’t supply the products themselves, so again they will be sending their visitors to an affiliate program that would handle that for them. In return, the tube site would receive a commission anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of that sale depending on how many purchases they make.


Believe it or not, people, are buying t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, hats, and more, all with the name of the adult tube site on them. It’s an excellent way for the tube site to make additional revenue from their audience.

Let’s Try To Figure Out How Much Pornhub Could Be Making

Pornhub LogoPornhub released a “2018 Year In Review” report, stating that in 2018 they were getting 92 million daily average page views to their website. That over 63,000 new visitors to Pornhub every single minute. As of the time of this writing, Pornhub is currently the most popular adult tube site online today, so naturally, let’s take a closer look at how Pornhub is making money while giving away free porn.

I tried to reach out to Pornhub for some accurate calculations on how much they are earning every month, but they wouldn’t reveal any actual numbers. From the information I was able to research online I was able to put together a rough estimate on their monthly earnings.

Advertising Space

A big way that most of the adult tube sites are making money is from selling advertisement space on their website. Websites like Pornhub, Redtube, and Youporn, for example, go through a third party advertising and digital marketing agency called

The way it works is that the tube site, let’s use Pornhub for example, dedicates different sections of their website to Traffic Junky who then turns around and charges advertisers money based on a bidding system per 1000 impressions for a specific ad spot.

Pornhub Traffic Junky Prices
This image above represents how much it will cost to have your banner or video displayed in these locations on The CPM Bid is the recommended bid you should make so your ad is seen more and gets more impressions.

For example, to have an ad placed in the “Video A” section on Pornhub that will show up on peoples desktop computers would cost roughly $0.23 per 1000 impressions. Impressions mean how many times your ad will appear on the screen for each visitor on the website. It doesn’t say you will get 1000 clicks on your ad. Although if all 1000 people who see your ad did click on the banner than you will not be charged extra, only the $0.23 it costs for your ad to display.

I contacted Traffic Junky, and one of their very friendly staff helped me figure out the numbers for Pornhub. In the graph below you will be able to see how many Daily Impressions that each Target Group and Target Device will receive on an average day. (Remember that CPM is for 1000 impressions).

Target Device Target Group Daily Impressions Daily Avg. CPM Total Earnings
PC Straight 118,310,000 $0.119 $14,078.89
PC Gay 54,032,000 $0.164 $8,861.25
PC Tranny 750,000 $0.138 $103.50
Tablet Straight 3,208,000 $0.145 $465.16
Tablet Gay 9,990,000 $0.168 $1,678.32
Mobile Straight 149,360,000 $0.113 $16,877.68
Mobile Gay 32,102,000 $0.09 $2,889.18
Mobile Tranny 900,000 $0.086 $77.40

For a total of $45,031.38 per day from ad impressions. That would calculate to $1,350,941.40 per month. The customer service representative that I spoke to wasn’t able to tell me how much Pornhub pays to Traffic Junky to have them handle the advertisement spaces, so let’s say for example that Traffic Junky takes a whopping 40% as their fee (Although I’m sure this number is a lot less to keep Pornhubs business). That would mean after paying Traffic Junky $540,376.50 in fees, Pornhub is walking away with a monthly profit of $810,564.90 from advertisement space alone. Not a bad profit from offering free porn.

Remember, this is a bidding system so the cost per 1000 impressions could either be higher or lower. We are just looking at the average recommended bid amount from Traffic Junky.

Premium Service

Pornhub offers a premium service similar to the way that Spotify does. Just like Spotify, you can enjoy free content, but if you wanted to pay a little extra fee, you’d be able to enjoy some additional privileges. At Pornhub those extra privileges are:

  • Premium content
  • HD videos
  • No ads
  • Access to VR porn
  • Thousands of full-length adult DVDs

pornhub premium

All of this for the low monthly price of $9.99 or $7.99 ($95.88) billed annually.

I tried to reach out to several people at Pornhub to figure out how many paying monthly members they have, but I was unable to gather that information. The closest answer I got from one employee was “We get a lot every daycan So I took out a piece of paper and tried to crunch some numbers. This is what I predicted.

Currently, as I write this, Pornhub gets an average of 92,000,000 daily page views. I’m going to guess that 99.99 percent of that traffic is just like me and they only visit to watch the free videos without taking their credit card out. So that leaves us with the other .01 percent (9,200) of the visitors who might be willing to pay.

92,000,000 (daily page views) – .01% = 91,990,800 (people who might not pay)
92,000,000 – 91, 990,800 = 9,200 (people who might pay)
9,200 x $9.99 = $91,908.00 (per day from premium memberships)
$91,908.00 x 30 (days in a month) = $2,757,240.00 per month

This number here is probably at least ten times less than the actual amount they are earning from premium accounts.

Pornhub Apparel

pornhub apparelI wasn’t able to get any information from the people I spoke to from Pornhub regarding the number of sales they make each day from their apparel, but we can work out some rough numbers to get a little bit of an idea.

From the 92 million daily page views that Pornhub receives, I am going to say that maybe .001% of that traffic would purchase a product like a t-shirt, hat, or sweater from the website with the name Pornhub on it. That would mean 920 people per day are buying a product lets say.

Prices on Pornhub apparel range from $10.00 to $176.00 on some items. Let’s say the average sale price is $25.00.

$25.00 multiplied by 920 (.001 percent of the daily visitors) = $23,000.00.

If that kept up every day throughout a month than Pornhub would be earning $690,000.00 predicted from apparel sales.

Model Hub

Model Hub LogoModel Hub is a place on Pornhub where amateurs can go to create an account to sell exclusive content on the platform. The model earns 65% of the sales after Pornhubs 20% cut and 15% processing fees. The model is able to set their prices on the content that gets sold.

The cost of videos offered by models on here can range anywhere from $1 to $20 depending on the model’s popularity and the length of the video. I have talked to a few models on Pornhub who said they are making a few thousand dollars per month selling their exclusive content.

But let’s run some conservative numbers. Let’s say the average video purchased is $3.00. ¬†Again, we are going to assume that only .1% of the daily traffic is willing to pay extra for a models video that they really like.

92,000,000 – .1% = 92,000 visitors who would pay at least $3.00
92,000 x $3.00 = $276,000.00
$276,000.00 – 35% (Pornhubs cut) = $96,600.00 per day for Pornhub
$96,000.00 x 30 days = $2,898,000.00 per month in potential profit.

Now, these numbers are probably not even close to the actual amount of money that Pornhub is making, but I wanted to keep my estimate low. Mainly because I’m not one to spend my own money on porn videos when there are plenty of free ones to watch, but there are plenty of people who would.

Cams, Dating, and Toys

It’s difficult to put an actual number on how much Pornhub is earning from commissions with webcam sites, dating sites, and adult toy stores. The amount of that is spent across these three different types of platforms range anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on what is being purchased.

But if we assume that Pornhub can squeak out at least a $5 profit from 1 percent of their daily traffic, which calculates to 92,000 of their visitors per day, then Pornhub could be earning an additional $460,000.00 per day or $13,800,000.00 per month.

Pornhub Conclusion:

Although it is difficult to get an accurate account of how much money Pornhub is taking in. But it is probably safe to assume that Pornhub is making at least anywhere from $20,000,000.00 to $30,000,000.00 each month.

Final Thought

As you can see, there is a ton of money being made from adult tube sites. Who would have thought that giving away so much free porn would turn out to be so lucrative?