How To Make Money As A Pornhub Model – Helpful Guide

If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming a porn star but didn’t want to pack up and move to California to get your chance, well, Pornhub can help.

Thanks to Pornhubs’ Modelhub, thousands of people worldwide can film videos, or take photos of themselves in the privacy of their own home, and make a decent living from it, by uploading the content for everyone to see.

What Is Pornhubs’ Modelhub?

The Modelhub is a place where Pornhubs’ members can purchase videos clips that have been uploaded by other Pornhub members. Any Pornhub member can create a model account to sell their own content, or earn a percentage from advertisements on their videos that they have uploaded, available free to everyone to watch.

As a Modelhub member on Pornhub, you can upload and sell your own video clips, and merchandise to Pornhubs 80,000,000+ daily visitors. You can set the price for each of your videos and merchandise, and then Pornhub takes a percentage of the sales.

When you upload a free video to the Pornhub website, as a member of the Modelhub, you’ll also be eligible to earn additional Ad Revenue when those videos are watched.

Being a Modelhub member will also provide a way for your fans to send you tips if they feel inclined to.

How Much Do Pornhub Models Make?

There is many different ways that Pornhub makes it possible for its models to earn income. Those ways are:

#1. Videos For Sale

As a model, you will be able to upload your own video clips to the Modelhub video library. Videos uploaded to this library are only available for purchase. You can set the price for each video that you upload, anywhere from $0.99 to $150.00.

You will then earn 65% of your revenue (80% less payment processing fees) every time one of your videos is purchased.

#2. Ad Revenue

Free videos that are streamed through the Pornhub website will also earn you revenue through ads that play on your videos. Pornhub pays a high percentage of 80%+ that your videos earn. Earnings on Ad revenue are based on the views that your video receives, as well as the ad rate. Ad rates are based on the overall performance, taking into account, clicks, user country, and sales.

For example: In 2018 the average RPM (rate per 1000 views) was $0.64. Your cut from that would have been $0.51. If your video received 1,000,00 views, you would potentially earn $510.00 from ad revenue on that video.

#3. The Fan Club

The Fan Club is an additional way for models to make money once they have started to build up an audience of dedicated followers. Members who wish to join your fan club will be charged a monthly membership fee.

You can choose what is included in your Fan Club, such as, videos, photos, text posts, messaging, discounts and more). If you mark a video or photo as “Fan Only” then only the paying members of your fan club can access that content.

You can set the monthly fee of your fan club from anywhere between $0.99 to $99.00 per month. You will keep 80% of the fan club subscription revenue.

#4. Tips

Members can send you tips through the Modelhub platform. You will retain 75% of the tips that you receive. (10% goes to Pornhub, and 15% goes towards paying for the processing fee)

#5. Custom Videos

Your fans can request unique custom videos from you directly on your profile. You can set a price for the custom video that your fan will pay to access that video. Your earning on that custom video is 65%. (20% goes to Pornhub, and 15% goes towards paying for the processing fee)

How Do You Set Up A Model Account With Pornhub?

Step #1 – Create Free Account

Setting up a Modelhub account on Pornhub is super easy, and free. To do so, click here to fill out the sign-up form.

After you have filled out the sign-up form, you will immediately receive an email from Pornhub to activate your account.

You’ll then be logged into Pornhub under your newly created account.

Step #2 – Get Verified

To get paid for your uploaded videos, you will need to verify your account with Pornhub. To do so, click on the little dropdown menu in the top right side of the screen, and once the drop-down menu is displayed, click on Get Verified. (see example below)

get verified

Here you will be able to upload your profile avatar and select your gender. Keep in mind that anyone who visits your profile page will see the avatar that you choose.

Once you have uploaded the avatar and selected your gender, you will need to click on “Get Verified” once again to return to the page. Here you will then be able to upload your verification image using the Upload Picture option found near the bottom of the page. (see example below)

get verified pornhub

Once your verification image has been submitted, you will get a notification across the screen that says “Image uploaded successfully. You will be notified via email once the image has been accepted or rejected.” Within 24 hours you should hear back from Pornhub if your image has been approved as verified.

It is important to note that your verification image is kept private from other members, and it is only used by the Pornhub staff to verify your account. If your account is not verified, you will not get paid.

Step #3 – Submit Model Application

The last step you’ll have is to fill out the model application to Pornhub. This is where Pornhub will ask for your name, address, date of birth and your preferred method of payment. You’ll also have to supply two more additional photos of identification.

submit model application step

Examples for the First ID

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Proof of age card
  • Health card
  • State ID
  • Uniformed services ID

Examples of the Second ID

  • Birth certificate
  • Social security card
  • Citizenship card

Once you have submitted those two pieces of ID, you should hear from them within 72 hours, although for me, this process only took less than 12 hours to be approved.

Once you have been approved, you’ll receive an email from Pornhub that says ” Congratulations! Your primary model agreement has been accepted! Welcome to the Model Payment Program. You will be paid a portion of the ad revenue for any verified videos that you upload!”

You can now begin to upload your own content 🙂

How Are Pornhub Models Paid?

Models are paid on a monthly basis, with a minimum withdrawal of $100 USD. Models who make less than $100.00 in a month, will have the balance carried over to the next month.

Models can choose how they would like to receive their payments. Their options are:

  • Paxum – (paid the second or third week of the week)
  • Paypal – (paid the second or third week of the week)
  • Check – (delivered by the third week of the week)

Payments are processed during the first week of the month. Processing time for your payment will depend on which payment option you have chosen.

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need?

This is the best part; you only need a video recording device such as a video camera, or cell phone.

To make your videos appear in better quality, it is recommended that you have the proper lighting.

Tips On Building An Audience

  • Make sure that the videos you are uploading are done in good quality.
  • You can use other websites such as Reddit to drive traffic over to your account on Pornhub.
  • Try to think outside of the box a little bit, to stand out. I know what you are thinking, how can I think outside of the box when pretty much all porn videos look the same in one way or another. Think about videos like Fake Taxi, Casting Couch, Xev Bellringer, and the list goes on. These people came up with a new concept that helped them increase views on their videos.
  • Set a schedule and stick to it. If you can upload two or three new videos each week, make sure to upload them consistently so that your audience will turn in each time.
  • Try to look like you’re having the time of your life in your videos. (unless your niche calls for you to be plain and dull).
  • If you can get your partner or a friend to appear in some of your videos from time to time, that might help draw more audience in. Keep in mind that if you do have additional models in a video, you will all have to submit a verification during the upload process.

Put In The Work

Although making new videos will be fun, it does require some work and commitment from you to make a good living from this.

  • Spend a little time coming up with new concepts and different props that you might be able to use in the videos.
  • Change up the backdrop and scene for your videos to keep them fresh and exciting.
  • Commit, in the beginning, to produce a realistic number of videos each week and stick to that commitment you make yourself.
  • See which other social network platforms you can use to drive views over to your Pornhub profile.