Free Website Traffic From Adult Forums

How To Get FREE Quality Niche Traffic From Adult Forums

Adult forum sites are another great way to generate some free traffic to your website, not to mention another way to establish backlinks to help with your SEO ranking.

If you’ve never been to an adult forum site before, you might not be aware of it but, generally, the forums are broken up into multiple sections and categories. It doesn’t matter what type of niche you are in; you should be able to find a category suitable to share your content.

You shouldn’t be expected to generate a ton of traffic overnight from adult forums; this is something that will slowly continue to send in traffic over time. That’s not to say that you wouldn’t be able to send a couple of hundred new visitors within 24-48 hours, that has happened. But either way, adult forums are a great way to spread the word about your website and target quality visitors, for free.

How To Get Started

Getting started is very easy, and of course, it’s free to do. Before you can begin commenting and participating on the forums, you are going to have to create a members account.

There are a ton of different adult forums on the internet, and not all of them will be worth your time because of the lack of traffic that they get, but below I’ve put together a list of the adult forums that I think would be worth your time checking out.

Adult Forums Worth Checking Out
Gay Forums

As I mentioned, there are many other adult forums that you could try using, and you should definitely try looking those up, but more specifically you should look for forums directly targeting your niche. Even if those adult forums that are specific to your niche are only sending in a few new visitors a day, those are quality leads that you might be able to convert to sales.

Follow The Rules

Now, before you start randomly posting in the forums, you need to be aware of the forum rules because if you break the rules, you’ll be banned quicker than you can say “what happened?”.

When you first get to an adult forum, the first section at the top of the threads are normally dedicated to an “Announcements and Rules” thread. If you click on that, it’ll go over what the rules are for that forum. In addition to that thread, you’ll also notice that a lot of forums have a pinned thread talking about the rules for each specific category that you have clicked on. It’s a good idea to read those rules as well, so you know what is allowed and what is not allowed.

How To Promote Your Website

When you go about promoting your website you need to do it in a way that does not come across as spammy or annoying. You can’t just go on a thread, or start your own thread, saying something like “Visit for the best adult content you’ll find anywhere on the internet.” Instead, you need to come across more genuine and helpful, and lucky for you, there are ways for you to do that.

All of your posts should either help someone with a question they have or include something valuable or interesting to other members. For example, you could post funny cartoons, polls, sexy pictures, information directly targeting that niche market, and so on. Try to get other members to engage in your thread, because when someone comments, your thread is moved back to the top of that category again.

Take a look below at a few ways that you can still promote your website while still being helpful to the community.

Use the signature:

Most, if not all forum sites allow members to use a signature in their posts. In case you don’t know what the signature is, it’s a section that will appear at the bottom of any post, or comment that you leave. An example of a signature could be: “If you thought my post was cool, check this out” and have a link to your website or anything else you want to send visitors. It can be almost anything. But don’t make it too long and wordy, nobody reads that. Some forums even allow you to include a banner image.

So the idea here is that when you post a comment or start a new thread, you don’t have to spam the comment with a link to your website because the signature block will display that for you. Just stick to posting interesting things and being a valuable asset to the community.

Share your links:

You’ll notice that different threads will focus on something specific such as; adult webcams, amateur videos, xxx stories, and so on. These are places where you can share a link to your website, but ONLY if it’s relevant to the discussion. For example, someone might ask “Where can I find a live webcam site that has all Asian models?”, or “Show me your favorite amateur videos.”

When you see something like this, you can post a link to your website, or more ideally if it’s possible, send them directly to a certain model or video on your website. This way you are not always using the same link plastered across multiple threads; because sharing the same link over and over could raise some red flags.

Promote with watermarks:

Another nice way to sneak in your website address is by adding a little watermark to the images that you share. The important keyword here is “little.” You don’t want to make the watermark too big, or else you could risk getting flagged, and then banned from posting on that forum.

There are a few ways that you can use the watermark to promote your site. If you are the model who supplies the content for your website, then all you’ll have to do is take some photos of yourself in various posses either nude or partial nude. Before you share a photo on the forum, include a little text at the bottom with your website address.

If you are getting your content from some other source, first find out if you can share it on public forums, and if you can, do the same thing here. Include a little text showing your website address. If you are promoting videos, you can take a screenshot from the video, include a direct link to your website where that video can be found. Try to keep the web address short if possible to make it easier for people to visit.

If the people who are viewing your posted content like what you are posting like then they’ll visit the URL on the photo to find more content like that. Before you start to share the content, find out from the forum which image hosting companies are acceptable, because not all of them are.


Using adult forums to help drive in free traffic is a good way for you to bring in targeted visitors. There is a lot you can do right, and a lot you can do wrong. Before you start posting and commenting, take a few hours to study what other members are doing, and learn what threads tend to get the most visitors. And most of all, don’t skip reading the rules, you’d be surprised at some of the stupid reasons you can get banned.

Good luck!


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